Jesus and Jordan

The Day I Met My Best Friend

I met my best friend before He became my best friend. He would come around and try to talk to me about living a life free from fear, and the possibility of having eternal life. I knew about Him since I was a little boy through hearing other people talk about how He died for people in the world so they could be free from the bondage of sin. I never really paid Him any attention because I was always wrapped up in living my life the way I wanted to, and I wasn’t ready to give it up for the life He was talking about. But that changed.

One Sunday morning in June of 2004, I woke up with a hangover from drinking the night before. My oldest son Jason called me with a problem he was having and he wanted some advice. I started telling him about how he should go to church and start doing the right thing. After I got off the phone, I experienced something that never happened before. Either I heard myself or someone else asked me; “How are you going to tell your son to do the right thing and you’re not doing the right thing? Go to church” 

I got up and went to my closet to find something to wear and finally, I got ready and went to the church I had been infrequently going to for a few years.

Everything seemed different than the last time I was there. I went in the church and there were a lot of people there. Some of them I knew most of them I didn’t. I sat down and my whole life was changed, I didn’t leave the same way I came.

Then I heard a small and quiet voice say to me; “I didn’t let you go.”

The choir was singing “I Almost Let Go” by Kurt Karr and the Kurt Karr Singers“. I began to think about the life I had been living and then I started seeing my whole life, sin and all, playing out before me. Then I heard a small and quiet voice say to me; “I didn’t let you go.” I stood up and worshiped God like I never done before. I wept and thanked God for not letting me go. My life changed in an instant.

From that day to the day I published this post. Jesus has been my best friend. And my best Friend has never let me down. He has never lied to me or broke His promise. It hasn’t been easy but I have learned it is better to experience tough times with Jesus tha have tough times without my best Friend.

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