Humble Enough For Radical Change

Luke 14:7-11

What would our communities look like if we followed the teachings of Jesus? I imagine hunger wouldn’t exist because we would be moved with compassion when we look around us and see the need to feed the hungry (Matthew 14:13-21). I imagine there would be less violence because we would be in tune to loving our neighbors the way we want to be loved (Matthew 22:39).

The one thing that would change our way of self-centered thinking into community-oriented thinking is being humble. In Luke 14:7-11 we see Jesus teaching a parable that encourages His listeners to not place themselves in higher positions than other people. He points us to thinking in a way that is opposite of the way people who live for themselves think, and have a sense of entitlement.

He uses a parable of someone being invited to a wedding. He says the ones invited should not come thinking they are entitled to the best seat in the gathering, but to come ready to take the less important seat or position. He said it would be embarrassing to be asked to move from a seat that was intended for someone seen as more important. It’s better to be asked up than to be asked down.

If we would take on Jesus’ teachings by looking at others as being more important than us. Putting other’s needs before ours and honoring someone else rather than seek to be honored. I believe this would improve our communities tremendously. I believe we would be humble enough to make radical changes.

We would make sure everyone had their needs met. We would understand our differences better and more apt to work out solutions even if it meant exchanging our convictions for peace. We would be able to see that perhaps our way of thinking and reasoning should be changed rather than trying to change someone else’s mind to suit our agenda.

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