Taking A Chance With God

We take chances almost everyday. We take chances driving, walking, depending on machinery and computers to make sure everything works the way it was designed to safely benefit us. But we are reluctant to take a chance and let Jesus direct our lives and guide us to better lives now and an eternal life after we die.

I was looking out of my office window yesterday and I captured the image in this post with my cell phone. And this thought came to mind. It also had me reflecting on a sermon I preached last Sunday on the 24th from:
Esther 4:16; Matthew 8:1-4 with the title “Calling All Chance Takers.”

Queen Esther took a chance with her life when she approached Ahasuerus a king in Persia who was well known for having people killed if they approached him without his permission.

The leper mentioned in Matthew 8 was isolated because he had the highly contagious disease of leperosy. He approached Jesus in the midst of all the people knowing he could’ve been stoned to death. He took a chance because of his faith in the Lord.

The man on the lift, pressure washing the temple serves as an illustration. He is taking a chance, believing the mechanism in the lift will function the way it was designed to and not send him crashing to the ground and to his death.

Trusting God is much like this picture. The man can’t see the mechanism, but he trust it to hold him up. We can’t see God and if we take a chance on Him the way we do with natural unseen guarantees, we will begin to experience His power in our lives and begin to live the abundant spiritual and natural lives He intended for us.


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